Welcome to Fact and Faith

AT LAST! Publications that fully reconcile evolution and the Big Bang Universe, with belief in the Creator God. We live on an earth that is billions of years old, not just thousands. Radically new insights into the controversy around the teaching of Intelligent Design in schools and Universities.

Our founding principles include:

  • A complete acceptance of the scientific method.
  • An acceptance of a Universe and Earth billions of years old, not thousands.
  • An acceptance of the evolutionary processes in nature.
  • An acceptance of the Bible as our ultimate authority in matters of faith, doctrine and practice.
  • An acceptance that "The heavens declare" is another 'voice' of God , revealed to us by on-going scientific research.

These books are the result of more than 40 years of research by Michael Jarvis, into matters relating to science and faith, and other controversial issues within Christianity today.




Looking at Both sides
Some people with a strong conviction that God exists, have unfortunately abused science by distorting evidence and by only selecting discoveries that they believe support their own interpretation of the Bible creation account...
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